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Tailored to Fit.
Brands, like people, are individual.

Whatever your needs — from brand strategy to social media campaigns to world-class design and copy — the ideas and execution from our people across North America and Europe will invigorate, adapt and propel your brand.

Strategic Consulting

To Position

Every brand should know what position to take in the marketplace. Finding that position requires deep thought into what differentiates you from the competition. Or how to express your brand in a new way without losing its essence. We can help you with these and other imperatives, putting to use our deep experience working with national brands to local, specialized businesses.

Brand Workshops

To Educate

Central to any client relationship for us is listening. What do you think your brand needs? What makes you different from the competition? How is that lining up with your execution? Are you even certain of what needs to change?

These questions are why there’s NewThink Lab®, an exclusive Ideas And People program where we get you and your team in a room, close the doors, and spend a day or two in reflection and discussion. Our goal is for you to emerge from the lab with insight, clarity and excitement about the road ahead. For us, it’s to recommend a strategic roadmap based on your self assessment.

Creative Development & Execution

To Embody

There’s a lot more to identity and branding than simply looking cool. It has to fit you, in whatever medium you pursue an audience. Our creative team is second to none in wielding intelligent design and copy to do the remarkable work of attraction and persuasion, with execution that’s thorough, accurate and on point.

Media Strategy

To Cultivate

With more ways than ever to try and connect with consumers who are themselves overwhelmed with information, it’s vital to choose the right path at the right time with the right voice. Whether it’s social media, digital marketing, or the less crowded lanes of direct mail, print advertising and broadcast, our long experience gives us the ability to look beyond what everyone is doing to what’s right for your brand.

Environment Design

To Invite

Environments and interior graphics are critical touch points to a successful brand. A brand environment should make an impression; it should be a “silent sales or informational tool” for an organization. We have designed and worked on award-winning spaces that are unique and inviting to customers and employees alike.

Brand Identity

To Love

We love designing identities. From name to logo to color-way, typeface, pattern, sound, tagline, texture and beyond, we craft distinct, appropriate brand touch points that befit the project and target audience.


To Captivate

Strong brands tell captivating stories. We work tirelessly on crafting messaging that is clear, concise and relevant to make a meaningful connection to the target audience.


To Attract

From cupcake to diamonds, we have a wealth of experience with packaging design. Whether a client needs to stand out on a retail shelf with bold color or convey elegance with subtle delicacy, we can execute packaging and collateral that attracts the right type of attention.

Website Design & Development

To Inform

A website is the front door of your company. It should serve a purpose and make a succinct impression on your audience. Our team can design and execute a well-curated site that will be engaging across all screen sizes and devices.

Social Media

To Convene

A smart social strategy builds affinity for your brand with your target audiences by creating space for person-to-person conversations. We integrate traditional public relations tactics and sound digital marketing principles to craft a solid social media presence that is a natural extension of your brand. We build social presences that evolve and optimize over time, informed by real-time data and designed to pivot to meet our clients’ strategic objectives.

Video & Motion Graphics

To Unleash

Technology has made video a more potent medium than ever. The key is knowing how to use it. We blend the latest advances with filmmakers’ sensibilities. Our team first considers the story to be told. Then we unleash motion to produce emotion.  View our latest reel.


To Elevate

Superior photography elevates a brand and allows it to compete in traditional and social media. Ideas And People employs photographers with technical proficiency and clear points of view. We strive on capturing images that make emotional connection with the viewer and the brand.

UX/UI & SEO Audits

To Connect

Connecting users to your information is essential, and organizing that information in order to flow and resonate throughout your website is the key to engaged visitors. We have a wealth of tools and techniques to connect you, your story, and your viewers.

Build A Brand That Matters®

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